How to create booking appointment in YAMPOS Terminal

1. How to create the booking appointment in YAMPOS Terminal?
1.1. Go to the app in the "Booking" section
1.2 In the upper right corner tap "+" - this is the creation of the booking appointment.
1.3. Choose a client or create a new one, attention, the client can be created at the end of creation action.
1.4. Then choose the category of services
1.5. Then the system will offer an available time of specialists taking into account the busy
1.6. Choose an available time
1.7. Greate, the appointment has been created!
1.8. After created the appointment please see the indication placed on the wizard icon.
This means that the booking appointment has the status "waiting for confirmation" and must be confirmed by tapping on it. Then the client should receive a notification about the successful booked appointment.
1.9. Excellent, now we know all the intricacies of creating a booking appointment, have a nice work -)


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