Mobile app

YAMPOS is the first software that allows you to manage the salon through a mobile application. It means you can manage your beauty store from any device based on IOS or Android platform.


We are fans of simple, convenient products. That’s why Yampos doesn’t require special knowledge or additional training. Your staff will start selling in 5 minutes.

Tax office data sync

YAMPOS enables you to reduce your expenditure by spending money on complex maintenance systems. Just connect YAMPOS to the tax office API in an instant your tax reports will be digital.

Point-of-sale terminal and appointment booking software inside one mobile app

Point-of-sale app for IOS and Android. Can be installed on the beautician’s smartphone. All receipts flow into the admin`s dashboard

This is the first software with a wide range of functionality and a flexible interface that is managing by a mobile application.
  • Checkout shifts and tax office data sync
  • Share receipts to your clients via popular messengers
  • Manage your client`s appointments booking time
  • Manage your staff`s shifts
  • Multi-level access to the interface for administrators or specialists

Appointment booking app

A dedicated mobile app so the salon’s customers can book services even more quickly & easily.

All salons’ regular customers can pay to buy the salon’s services online

YAMPOS Features


Point of sale app for IOS and Android. Can be Installed on the beauticians smartphone. All receipts flow into the admin`s dashboard. Our mobile app payment terminal is the perfect workplace for your employees.


Get a dedicated mobile app so your customers can book your services even more quickly & easier.Book new clients, allocate treatments to specific team members and make rebooking effortless.


Take control of your business, increase profit and make better decisions by understanding what’s working and what isn’t. Track every aspect of your team members’ performance, from products and services sold to absences and appointment book gaps.


Tracks all your daily transactions – sales, receipt details, revenue and expenses, to make month-end more efficient. Save time with easy end-of-day cashing up tool. No more late nights after a long, busy day!.


Manage inventory balances in real-time mode, make inventory checks, and add supplies using a convenient and intuitive interface. Improve your cash-flow by managing and minimising stock wastage.


Add new customers to the database directly from the Virtual Payment Terminal app during order taking. Improve client retention by sending automatic notifications and reminders.

Choose Your Ideal Plan

YAMPOS works on a subscription model. Pay monthly and save on salon management software. The first 30 days are free.

* Get the mobile application "Appointment Book app", £5 per user/month. Use for any plans.

  • Startup
  • Basic tools
20 (-30%)
  • Basic tools
  • Booking appointment
  • POS terminal
  • Checkout shifts
35 (-30%)
  • Previous plan included
  • Membership system
  • Tax office data sync (Soon)
56 (-30%)
  • Previous plan included
  • Booking appointment (Mobile app clients)
  • Services modifications

Basic functions of YAMPOS

Finance and transactions

Materials management

Warehouse accounting

Staff management

Customer data


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