How membership cards works

Provide your customers with membership cards and certificates using our flexible functionality. Each customer will be able to buy your services for any period, add value for your customers.

1. Go to the "services menu", select "Memberships"
2. Click "create", state the name, select them memberships category, description for customers, upload images, state the sale price and duration of the membership card
3. Indicate the activation of the season ticket from the moment of sale or from the first visit
4. Select and add this card to the service
5. State the number of visits or choose unlimited
6. We choose or do not choose the option to freeze the season ticket for customers
7. Choose a regular or one-time payroll scheme for staff
8. We choose to allow or prohibit partial payment for the season ticket
9. Click "create" and the season ticket is ready!

* We draw your attention, the possibility of "freezing" the season ticket is carried out in the section "marketing" - "client profile" in the section "season tickets"
* Please note that the "regular salary scheme" for staff will be charged automatically after each procedure / service
* Please note that the "one-time salary scheme" for staff is charged to the amount of the subscription once after the first procedure / service.
* Please note that "partial payment" allows customers to combine services in part, for example, the customer when buying a membership card will first pay 50% and the remaining 50% at the next visit.

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