Getting started with YAMPOS Terminal

1. How to open / close a cash shifts, to add expenses / receipts / transactions?
1.1. Go to the "Receipts" section
1.2. To start working in the terminal, you need to open a shift and specify the balance of cash at the cash desk, if there is none, just leave “0”
1.3. After opening the shift, we could start the working day, in particular, create appointments and receipts
1.4. If you have expenses, for example, the delivery of the goods has come and you need to pay for them, then in the upper right corner in the menu, select “expense”, specify the amount of money taken out and add a comment describing what the money was spent on. The amount of the expense cannot exceed the amount of cash on hand.
1.5. If you have an income, the procedure is the same as with any expense, specify the amount and add the comment where the money came from
1.6. If you would like to collect the cash, it is available for admins only, so you need to specify the amount, add the comment and take out money from the cash desk
1.7. If the work is finished, very important to close the shift and check if all receipts for today's records are closed, before closing the shift you need to count the cash that is in the cash desk, go to the menu and select "close the shift", specify the amount and confirm the action
1.8. After the shift closed, you can see a detailed report for the current day, the report generated for the specialists, admins and owners


  *Description of reports:

* Overall balance -  is the amount of cash, taking into account sales, at the time of opening the shift include receipts and expenses according to the YAMPOS system
* Actual balance - is the amount of cash that the specialist or admin physically confirm and insert into the system at the time of closing the shift
* Cash - is the amount of cash payments
* Card - is the amount of payments by card payments, which is excluded into account in the "overall balance"
* Membership - is the number of payments use on the membership card
* Certificate - is the number of payments use the certificate
* Expense - the cash spent on something
* Income - the cash received from other things
* Shift opening - is the amount of cash that was entered into the system at the beginning of the shift
* Collection - is the amount of cash that was collected from the cash desk
* Difference - is the amount of cash that shows the difference between the "overall balance" and the "actual balance"
* Receipts - the number of "receipts" posted per shift


2. How to create the booking appointment in YAMPOS Terminal?
2.1. Go to the app in the "Booking" section
2.2 In the upper right corner tap "+" - this is the creation of the booking appointment.
2.3. Choose a client or create a new one, attention, the client can be created at the end of the creative action.
2.4. Then choose the category of services
2.5. Then the system will offer an available time of specialists taking into account the busy
2.6. Choose an available time
2.7. Greate, the appointment has been created!
2.8. After created the appointment please see the indication placed on the wizard icon.
This means that the booking appointment has the status "waiting for confirmation" and must be confirmed by tapping on it. Then the client should receive a notification about the successful booked appointment.
2.9. Excellent, now we know all the intricacies of creating a booking appointment, have a nice work -)


3. How to create receipts?

3.1. The creation of "receipts" is the basis of sales, a paid "receipts" means that the procedure has been successfully completed.
3.2. The receipt is creating when the client comes to the procedure
3.3. There are two options for creating a "receipts"
3.3.1. Create "receipts" via the "Booking" section
3.3.2. Choose the appointment with the "Confirmed" status, then tap to "Create receipt" button
3.3.3. Go to the "Receipts" section
3.3.4. At the top of the screen, tap “Choose a receipt”, should  open a screen with all opened receipts, attention, all opened receipts must be closed as soon as possible after the client paid
3.3.5. Choose receipt that you need, it is already displayed with the client's name and we post it using the "Pay" button at the bottom of the "receipts" screen
3.4. Create a "Receipts" via the "Menu" section
3.4.1. Go to the "Receipts" section and swipe to the right or press the “+” to open the "service menu"
3.4.2. Choose the service, or what you need to be sold outside the "Booking section"
3.4.3. Then tap to "PAY" button and choose the parameters you need - specialist, client, type of payment, also, if you need, you can edit the amount of payment


* Now we have learned how to create and pay receipts, Hurray!  smileyyes

4. How can I change the service in the created booking appointment?

4.1. What to do if the client decides to change the service during the procedure
4.2. Go to the "Booking" section choose the appointment that you need and create the receipts on this record
4.3. Go to the "Receipts" and tap to “Choose a receipt” then find the receipt and change the service by deleting and adding another one through the “service menu”.


5. How to add the goods to a receipt?

5.1. What to do if the client decides to buy the goods after the procedure
5.2. Find the required receipt through the "receipts screen"
5.4. Find a product category in the "services menu"
5.5. Find the required goods and add them to the receipt



6. How to add additional materials to the service?

6.1. Additional materials must be linked to services in advance by the admin or owner in the "admin panel" YAMPOS
6.2. If the point 6.1. completed, the first step is to open the receipt that we want to modify
6.3. After choosing a receipt, please see to the mini field under the service field, which is called "add additional materials", tap on it and a screen with all possible materials on this service will be opens in front of you.
6.4. Now you need to choose the material that you need to add and specify the quantity by tapping on a specific material (if there are a lot of materials, we can use the search field)


* We draw your attention to the units of measurement that can be seen under the material


7. How to sell a membership card and a certificate?

7.1. Go to the "Receipts" section, then, in the upper left corner, tap to "+" and open a menu with all categories
7.2. Choose the membership, specify if it is a partial payment and tap to "pay"


* Information for administrators, when you selling a membership or a certificate choose “without a specialist”


8. How to pay for the service by membership or certificate?

8.1. It is possible to pay for the service using the "membership" if it is assigned to the client through the sale in the previous receipt
8.2. If the "membership" is not assigned to the client, then it is necessary to carry out the sale procedure
8.3. Create a receipt through the service menu or by the "Booking" section, then choose the type of payment by “membership
8.4. After that, a new field "membership" you can see a list of memberships cards that are assigned to the client
8.5. Choose the "membership" you need, after that, you can see that the receipt amount has been reset to "0" which means that the membership card has been sold.


* If the client used a partial payment and at the first visit is obliged to pay the second part of payment, final the amount you can see the line "customer balance", if there is a minus, you can inform the client about the debt and change the total amount when the client paid, after which the debt will be written off.


9. How to manage the schedule and the weekend?

9.1. Go to the "PROFILE" section
9.2. Tap to the "Schedule and days off"
9.3. In the calendar, select the required day wish you want to set the work schedule


   * If you select the option "add this time for several days" apply this schedule to all other days.

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