Getting started with YAMPOS

1. Creation of a location (Positions & locations)

1.1. Go to the "Positions & locations" section, select "locations"
1.2. Create a schedule of the salon

* Please note, if you have a network of salons, repeat the steps for each location.

2. Creation of a warehouse (Warehouse)

2.1. Go to the "warehouse" section, find "locations storage"
2.2. Click to "create"

* If you have a network, repeat the step for each location.

3. Creating a supplier (Warehouse - Suppliers)

3.1. Go to the "warehouse" section, select "suppliers"
3.2. Click “create” and fill in all the fields

* If you have more than one supplier, repeat the steps.

4. Creation of staff (BOOKING & SALES)

4.1. Find the section "BOOKING & SALES", select "Staff"
4.2. The fields "login", "password" and "pin" are needed for the Yampos Terminal mobile app (pass the access data for your staff)
4.3. Click “create” and fill up the fields
4.4. Set a work schedule for each staff, except owner and admin
4.5. Set a salary for your staff

* Please note that if the “owner” is also the “specialist”, you should create two separate accounts for these positions.

5. Creating a service category (Service menu )

5.1. Go to the section “service menu”, select "services"
5.2. Click “create”, state the name of the category, upload the picture, select the location, select the position

* Please note that it is important to choose an owner and an administrator in the “position"

6. Creation a category of materials (Menu services - Categories of materials)

6.1. Go to the "service menu", select "materials"
6.2. State the name of the category, for example, “Estel paints”, “Disposables”, “Disposable materials”

* Please note “materials” using are consumables that are used during the procedure in the salon, not for sale.

7. Creation of services (Service Menu - Services)

7.1. Go to section "service menu", select "services"
7.2. Add consumables, there are two types of them: "materials" and "modifiers"

  a) "materials" - template consumables for the service, which will not change from the client's preferences, for example, hats, sponges, etc.
  b) “modifiers” are consumables that depend on the client and his preferences, for example, paints, oils, cosmetic masks, materials by skin type, etc.

7.3. Add materials state the quantity that will be debited during the procedure
7.4. Add modifiers, click "create a set of modifiers", a popup window opens, state the name of the set, for example, "loreal paints", or "cosmetic oils", click
7.5. State the short name of the material in the set, the long name will not fit in the mobile application, upload the picture and state the sale price if you need it, leave 0 if it charge of free

   c) "resources" - required equipment and rooms will be booked automatically during appointment scheduling. This way you will eliminate the risk of booking multiple concurrent appointments that require the same resources.

7.6. Click create the resource, state a name, upload a picture, select a studio and click create
7.7. Add resource and select the previously created resource from the drop-down list
7.8. State the price of the service in the "total" field

8. Creating products for sale (Services menu - Products)

8.1. Go to the section "menu services", select "goods"
8.2. Click "create" and state the name of the product, article, select the product category, upload a picture, if the product is by weight, select this option and state the qty and unit of measurement
8.3. State the sale price in the "total" field
8.4. State the сritical balance of materials and goods in stock

9. Creation of materials (Menu services - Materials)

9.1. Go to the section "service menu", select "materials"
9.2. Click "create" and state the name of the material, select the category, unit of measurement, article, barcode and critical balance

10. Creating membership cards (Services menu - membership cards)

10.1. Go to the "services menu" section, select "membership cards"
10.2. Click "create", state the name, select the membership cards category, description for customers, upload a picture, state the sale price, membership card duration.
10.3. Indicate the activation of the membership card from the moment of sale or from the first visit
10.4. Select and link services to the membership card
10.5. State the number of visits or choose an unlimited option
10.6. Choose a regular or one-time scheme of accrual of payroll staff
10.7. Choose to allow or deny partial payment of the membership card
10.8. Click "create"

* Please note that "partial payment" allows customers to pay not the entire amount at once, for example, the customer buying a membership card and pay 50% of the amount, and the remaining 50% after first visit.

11. Purchase materials/goods / membership cards /  (Warehouse - Purchases)

11.1. Go to the "warehouse" section, select "purchases"
11.2. Click "create", select the product / material / membership card /, you can select everything at once
11.3. Choose a supplier, warehouse, account and comment if you need
11.4. State the quantity, state the total amount of the goods and the price for one unit will be determined automatically.
11.5. Press “create” and the supply is completed successfully!

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