How shifts works in YAMPOS Terminal

1. How to open / close a cash shifts, to add expenses / receipts / transactions?
1.1. Go to the "Receipts" section
1.2. To start working in the terminal, you need to open a shift and specify the balance of cash at the cash desk, if there is none, just leave “0”
1.3. After opening the shift, we could start the working day, in particular create appointments and receipts
1.4. If you have an expenses, for example, the delivery of the goods has come and you need to pay for them, then in the upper right corner in the menu, select “expense”, specify the amount of money taken out and add a comment describing what the money was spent on. The amount of the expense cannot exceed the amount of cash on hand.
1.5. If you have an income, the procedure is the same as with an expense, specify the amount and add the comment where the money came from
1.6. If you would like to collect the cash, it is available for admins only, so you need specify the amount, add the comment and take out money from the cash desk
1.7. If the work is finished, very important to close the shift and check if all receipts for today's records are closed, before close the shift you need count the cash that is in the cash desk, go to the menu and select "close the shift", specify the amount and confirm the action
1.8. After the shift closed, you can see a detailed report for the current day, report generated for the specialists, admins and owners


  *Description of reports:

* Overall balance -  is the amount of cash, taking into account sales, at the time of opening the shift include receipts and expenses according to the YAMPOS system
* Actual balance - is the amount of cash that the specialist or admin physically confirm and insert into the system at the time of closing the shift
* Cash - is the amount of cash payments
* Card - is the amount of payments by card payments, which is exclude into account in the "overall balance"
* Membership - is the number of payments use the membership card
* Certificate - is the number of payments use the certificate
* Expense - the cash spent on something
* Income - the cash received from other things
* Shift opening - is the amount of cash that was entered into the system at the beginning of the shift
* Collection - is the amount of cash that was collected from the cash desk
* Difference - is the amount of cash that shows the difference between the "overall balance" and the "actual balance"
* Receipts - the number of "receipts" posted per shift


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